I am a graphic designer from San Diego, CA & I enjoy communicating visually through my design.

My specialties include brand & identity development, illustration, all facets of print design and front-end web design. I have almost five years of experience working at large ad agencies which has given me a strong comprehension of all forms of design. I attended San Diego State University and graduated with a BFA in 2007. I enjoy trading my design skills for goods and services (monetary payments also accepted) with friends and strangers alike.

I've often compared myself to a 10-90 haircut (also known as a mullet) in the sense that I am suitable for business, yet casual all the while. I work hard and have fun doing so. I am easy going, a team player and very organized. I consider myself to be a leader and enjoy working with others. I am also a husband and father and enjoy time with my family (and eating mexican food) more than anything in the world.

I love listening to and finding new music. I am a San Diego sports fan. I spent two years in the Dominican Republic. I speak ugly spanish. And I'm a friendly guy so feel free to give me a call or shoot me an email with any questions or inquiries you might have!